Sunday Post: Captivating


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Like the earth around me,

Often seems hard,



Where is the rain?

Where is the fruit for which I hunger?


But when you squeeze my hand;

I am reminded that I walk this path

Not alone but with you.


I am enchanted!

The Light in your eyes

Illuminates my world anew.

I hear you  . . . I see you . . .

in the flora and fauna . . .

in all that surrounds me.

How could I have failed to see?

These human eyes,

Why do they betray me?

As I gaze into yours,

I see myself

Changed by your love.

I am captivated by the opportunities

Suddenly my own,

By the beauty you’ve laid before me.

I wonder,

How could I so long have missed it?

By Martha L Shaw  – words and pictures © 3-2-2013

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4 Responses to Sunday Post: Captivating

  1. meleonardo says:

    You really captured something here. That familiar feeling of “waking up” to the sensation of just how real God is.

    I liked this part best.

    I hear you . . . I see you . . .

    in the flora and fauna . . .”


  2. jakesprinter says:

    Thanks for posting my friend good writing 🙂


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