Gethsemane Revisited

What was it like in the garden that day? What was the weather? Was it seasonable? Were there people about Gethsemane? Did they have any idea of what was to come to pass? Were there dark clouds in the sky as though a storm was brewing? Was there an odd stillness in the air? Did they catch their breath in an uneasy sense of “something just doesn’t feel right?” Without radio, television, newspapers, computers and the like, how much was known of what was planned? There was no water cooler down the hallway where “everything important” was shared among those who clustered and whispered there . . . were there children wandering about happily playing? Was it a pretty day with blue skies and sunshine and a gentle breeze? What was in the minds of those who were there?


What was in the minds of Jesus sleepy companions that night? Were they confused? Did they anticipate that “something” was up? When Jesus awakened them and spoke to them “can you not watch and pray with me for an hour” did they have any inkling of something life changing that was to come in just a few short hours? Was it a dreadful night or a beautiful one? Did they sleep well or toss and turn, their souls in an uncertain and undefined distress? Did they think their world was coming to an end? Did they know their friend and Savior was about to die to save them and grant them eternal life with Him? Did they think it was “just another day?”

4 Responses to Gethsemane Revisited

  1. Scott Sholar says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you, Martha. According to the Bible, it was a cold evening. John 18:18 talks about “Peter…..keeping himself warm…..for it was cold…..”


    • Thanks. Was thinking of that quote you mentioned and also of the “before” as like here, perhaps the weather was sunny and warm and typical lovely day, then the chill in the air came later . . . a chill and so much more . . . blessings!


  2. I believe they grieving and uncertain about many things. I believe they had much upon their minds and hearts~ great post!


    • Thanks. Lot to think about. I can envision a warm day and kids at play and ladies with baskets of fruit and veggies from the vendors. I can envision a cold night . . . an added chill in the air which they perhaps could not define . . .


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