Martha’s Sunday Thoughts – 2nd Sunday of Easter

It is now the Sunday after Easter.  What a difference a week has made:

  • The eggs are gone
  • The candy dish is running low
  • The cookies are down to crumbs
  • The ham has slid to the rear of the refrigerator
  • The gloves and bonnets?  Back on the closet shelf
  • The familiar hymns forgotten once more

It was a blessing to see you last week.  Wow, the joy.  Wow, the happy noise of a church bursting at the seams.  Oh, the traffic coming and going between the services.  OH, the hugs from faces not seen in a long time.  As I sit once more in my favorite pew, I realize I didn’t mind worshiping in another to make space for you in my “regular” pew.  One more thing . .  .

Jesus misses you today.  I do, too.   Blessings!


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