Adventures Of The Heart – Remembering Nana

I read this quote on my cell phone and am hesitant to admit it, but though a writer with notebooks everywhere, I at first thought “who writes letters?” The quote:

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. – Phyllis Theroux –

nana chick

That’s my Nana!  She wrote letters.

Oh, how I loved my Nana!  In her presence, especially in our one-on- one visits, I felt beautiful!  I felt wanted!  I felt unconditionally loved! I’m not saying “poor little Martha, nobody else loved her” but simply saying that there was something extra precious about our relationship.

Oh, the stories she told of days long past, of people she’d known, of mischief she’d gotten into . . . honestly, I’m not sure many people ever got to know her as I did.  Maybe, just maybe, she felt beautiful and unconditionally loved and accepted by me as well.  She was, I can tell you that.

She was a “shut-in” much of her life and lived near the church.  I would walk over after Sunday services while Mama and Daddy had coffee hour and while my small sisters played in the church yard.  Sometimes, I’d get to stay the whole afternoon at Nana’s!  I could sit at her feet and listen to her all day.  Her health challenges made her weak but her one room apartment was just enough to manage.  Her diet was restricted but she always had special treats for me and let me just say this.  If I smiled and told Nana I loved grilled cheese with extra cheese . . . well, you’d have a hard time lifting all that gooey, warm and melty cheese!  I still  make ’em that way Nana!

She’d pull out old, old photographs and tell me all about these people who were “family” but had passed on long ago . . . even before Mama was born!  She’d sit in her comfy chair next to the bed and near the closet/kitchen and on a tiny table was pretty note paper and matching envelopes and a tattered address book.  Then there was a damp sponge and postage stamps for  sealing the flap and readying the letters for mailing.

You see, she wrote to EVERYBODY and they wrote back!  Don’t know about you, but a lot of my mail is “junk” mail.  Not my Nana’s mail.  Letters came to her from the postman every day!  Who got married, who had liver trouble, who’s cat had a litter of kittens . . . remember old Aunt Sally? . . . Remember the old days at Rye Beach?  I remember so many stories of people and places I’d never have learned about if I’d not had those delightful visits with Nana.  She passed on long ago and I don’t know what ever happened to the old letters or the tattered address book, but oh, the places we went, she and I!  So many wonderful adventures!  So many people we visited on our adventures of the heart!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for dropping by today.  I appreciate your company.  Please come again soon!  I’ll be sure and put the kettle on and we’ll have tea!

Very truly yours,


bread and tea

16 Responses to Adventures Of The Heart – Remembering Nana

  1. You look so much like your Nana! ❤


  2. Oh Martha!! The first several paragraphs reminded me of the incredible relationship I had with my own grandmother…Mimi J!

    I too was incredibly close to Mimi J. 🙂 I was blessed to know her, spend much, much time with her, learn from her, take care of her and stay with her in the hospital until she went to be with the Lord.

    Her loss is still filled today. I too loved her beyond words!! I am so grateful for all she taught me and my family!! She showed us truly unconditional love and encouragement. What an example of Christ’s love!! 🙂

    I am so thankful you had such an incredible Nana!! What a wonderful blessing!! Thank you so much for reminding me how much I loved my own grandmother and how unique our relationship was as well.

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


  3. So heartwarming to have shared your Nana! Oh what special memories you must treasure, Martha. Bless you. 🙂


  4. dogear6 says:

    I loved hearing about your Nana. That was a great story for sharing. From the side, she has a strong resemblance to you. Do you have any pictures of her from the front? Do you like as much like her as it seems?

    I look very much like my grandmother. As she got older, she didn’t fix herself up and looked very frumpy. I really have to be careful not to do the same – I know how it looks!



    • Oh, thank you! I don’t think I have a facing the camera shot. Nana hated having her picture taken and I expect she was gazing at grampy in this shot while someone else caught her and snapped the picture. I’ve always thought I resembled her in a number of ways. 🙂


  5. I know how you feel and your nana sounds like a pearl of great price! Can’t you wait to see her again ? I used to write my gma letters and I always talk to her now! You’re blessed to have such an example ! Blessings friend ~Deborah


  6. Martha,
    As I walked with you through the garden of memories you have of your Nana, I was contemplating how much of her heart has continued flowing through yours. The blogs you post to encourage, inspire and bless I’m sure follow in the footsteps of what Nana wrote
    on her pretty note paper.I can sense her smiling down upon you right now…as she awaits your reunion in Eternity.


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