Eternal Love



I invited you inside,

Hardly wondering . . .

Not really expecting  . . .





Your love was wordless

Yet spoke volumes.

Your touch melted any lingering doubts.

My heartbeat quickened.

I cried.

I laughed.

I knew.

You moved on.

I kept pace with you

Not needing to look back

Nor  ahead . . .

not wanting to be away

In body, mind, or spirit for even a second.

Take all of me, I asked.

You took and you gave, urging me to share.

I hesitated, not wanting to lose you

Yet bursting to give

For something so amazing cannot be contained.

I gave

And suddenly realized

The more I shared,

The more I had to give . . .

I drink of you,

I pass the cup,

Knowing I will never thirst again.


By Martha L Shaw ©4-14-2013





4 Responses to Eternal Love

  1. there’s so much love in your writing ~this was perfect !


  2. Very beautiful, Martha…have a wonderful day!


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