A Thankful Heart

closeup of trees at sunset

Resting in the parlor with my feet up,

I gaze at the bay window

As the gentle breeze blows

Through palmetto, pine, and more.

The early evening sun begins to set

But not without one last uplifting gift

To the senses.

Countless tiny diamond-like rays

Peek through the leaves and branches

As if to say “adieu, my weary friend”

And I smile knowing all will be well

And the sun will rise again tomorrow

And with it will come a new day,

New miracles,

New opportunities.

I gaze on with a thankful heart.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-18-2013

16 Responses to A Thankful Heart

  1. Debbie says:

    God bless you, Martha. This was just lovely!


  2. Coach Muller says:

    SO true!! Nice poem!!


  3. Amen…truly, the Lord has painted His sky to encourage you!! 🙂
    May He bless and rejuvenate you for His glory!!
    Praying for you Dearest Martha!!


    • Thank you so much! His love is constant. Just now a retired gentleman next door has taken it upon himself to mow my lawn knowing I cannot and realizing the HOA could threaten to fine me. When we pull together as one body in Him, wow! The smallest thing done from a heart given to the Lord truly can change someone’s day or even their life. I’m not sure we realize what a difference a simple kindness,a smile, a hug, or a prayer can make. I know because I’m experiencing it right now. TBTG.


      • Praise the Lord for the details in life…He already has His plan in place!! What an amazing God we serve!!

        What a sweet neighbor!! I’d make him a lovely glass of lemonade, as I am sure you already are doing. 🙂 That is exactly what we should do as neighbors. 🙂 You are blessed!!! Now be sure you get your rest Dear Miss Martha!! 😉

        Have a wonderful day in the Lord!!!


      • Thank you. I am praying for discernment regarding whether or not it is the Lord’s timing for me to leave a min wage very part time job which has proven to be abusive . . . management largely abusive toward staff . . . I believe He placed me there for a purpose but it is harming my health as well as mgmt being emotionally abusive. I’ve been trusting Him and taking it for months now, but am wondering if I need to trust Him for provision and leave. I know He has a plan. Step by step in STEP WITH HIM. His love is amazing! Stay tuned for a poem later after a rest. One He placed on my heart during quiet time yesterday.


      • Looking forward to your poem. I can only encourage you to continue to seek the Father in His will and plan for your life. He loves you so. 🙂


      • I only want to be His loving servant. His plan is best . . . Thanks!


  4. I’m praying for you Martha..I know The Lord has great plans in store for you…His Hand is upon you, as He Watches over your every need…including having your lawn mowed by an “angel” next door!
    He is so Good and Faithful ! I’m looking forward to reading your poem !


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