Personal Prayer Request

Prayers for both of you!

Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!

I’ve known this possibility exist for some time, but I was busy being positive this wouldn’t happen that it snuck up on me.

I found out I have breast cancer this morning. I can’t decide how I feel at the moment other than a little mad. I haven’t been able to do more than shed a tear or two, but when I feel the crying coming on, I’ll lock myself in my bedroom and let it fly.

The past few years, dealing with Cowden’s Syndrome and all the health issues it entails, I’ve felt like there is no way I can get cancer. Now I have to change my attitude to there is no way this cancer is going to get me! I’m actually angry. I guess that is where my fighting spirit comes from.

I’m worried about Barry and the stress he is putting himself through.This could have waited…

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7 Responses to Personal Prayer Request

  1. Please pray for Jill and Barry!


  2. gegebearbear says:

    Thank you, Ms Martha!


  3. Praying for your friend. The Lord has her in His hands.


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