Keep those prayers going up, friends! Please, as well, join Jill in thanksgiving for the encouraging news today on her cancer diagnosis!

Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!


It is with since pleasure that I post the facts I received today at my doctor’s visit. They caught my breast cancer early, Stage 1 Invasive (Hormonal) Ductal Carcinoma. It is definitely cancer, but it was caught early enough to not be a big deal to deal with. I’m having surgery on the 30th to remove the lump. Once the lump is out, she can tell me what type of treatment I need.  I told myself, I wouldn’t spend the weekend worrying myself sick about the diagnosis, but I apparently did subconsciously. When we arrived home after the appointment, I slept for six straight hours. Me thinks I was stressing a little more than I realized.

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  1. PTL !’m rejoicing with Jill for her good report !


  2. My friend I wholeheartedly rejoice with & for you ! Praise the Almighty God! I’ll be praying for you dear xo


  3. That is great news!


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