The Blessing of Being Hurt

There has been much going on in my life of late that I cannot fully understand . . . or see the purpose of.  I was just journaling on “I thought it would feel better than this . . . ” when I felt the Lord revealing a truth to me about being hurt.

I am not saying we should seek to be hurt, but I believe He is reminding me that part of the growing and the new beginning, the healing, is to realize the blessing in all things.  As I meditated on all this and wondered if He was going to give me more and ask me to share it later with you all, I saw this quote and it spoke to my heart:

Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.

– Rainer Maria Rilke –



14 Responses to The Blessing of Being Hurt

  1. you’re sso right ~ I never saw it thusly.


  2. DivineGrace says:

    Beautifully said 🙂


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  4. indytony says:

    I have nominated you for a “Shine On” award for your work on this post. To accept and participate in the fun, go here –

    Keep up the good writing, and the good recovery!


  5. Martha, I’ve been away from following the blogs I’ve subscribed to for a while. I’m sorry that you’ve been suffering, but grateful to see that you seek Him still!
    In Jesus’ love,


    • Oh, thanks. Yes, He is my life and He has a plan. The human is weak, but He is my strength and will continue to redeem all things!


      • The health care and fin provision questions are still unanswered and scary but when I push my fear out of the way, peace comes. The vocation question seems clear yet causes unrest in others who find is anything but sensible. Hey, so do I, but my plan isn’t working and His is always a blessing whether the human can see how to make it work or not. He blesses our messes.


  6. I understand what you’re saying about health care and financial matters, as well as waiting on the Lord for our marching orders in vocation. He blesses our messes? Perhaps… or maybe He doesn’t see them as messes? May the Spirit of God guide you, Martha!


    • I believe with all my heart that I’m on track, though realize that the vocation may not be the source of income/healthcare, but given my continued lack of finding same, am listening closer than ever. Funny thing about our messes . . . He redeems them whether it was our failure to listen or not. We win! Thanks! The impossible to us is so simple to Him. I can think of many things in my life which folks believed “you’re nuts” but He did make happen. We will see what He reveals! Aside from the financial thing and subsequent healthcare issue, I love my life . . .


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