Amen, indeed! How blessed to be part of the body of Christ! We will not always be on the mountain top, but when we are low He always provides the uplifting we need. He, in fact, just did. Read this.


Woman Praying




© 2013 by Jeanne E Webster. All rights reserved


A little whine

A wee bemoan

A sighed whimper

That’s all I’ve sown


The body rebels

Stabs my soul

Pains my mind

Make me whole


Gird my loins

Chin up, I say

Today’s gone

Another day


Hope lies there

Raw and bare

Through the fog



Rest in Him

Hand it o’er

Share the pain

Let it pour


Praise the Lord

Sing a psalm

Ask and seek

His sweet balm





NaPoWriMo     Day 29

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4 Responses to Hope

  1. Thanks for sharing, Martha. Blessings and prayers to you also. It is with great duty to intercede for others. Shalom


  2. too wonderful and confirming to my soul. Blessings to you both.


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