Wealth Versus Wisdom – Our Lord’s Love

If I am wealthy am I based upon that powerful in ways that matter?  Perhaps that is difficult to answer as stated since it depends on what one considers to truly matter.  Are my words, my talents, my spiritual gifts, reliant on wealth as the world views it in order to be shared?  A question was posed in the Bible . . .

“What good can come from . . . ”  Fill in the blank as you choose but true wisdom comes from Jesus and His love.  So, how does that change our potential point of view?

Mother Teresa said “Today it is very fashionable to talk about the poor.  Unfortunately it is unfashionable to talk with them.”  

So, poverty, which comes in many forms, does seem to change the way this world perceives us.  I could bury my head in the sand spiritually, behave very badly and very publicly, and author a poorly written book which will make me wealthy financially.  Does this change anything?

Jesus said blessed are the poor.  As this world sees it, Mother Teresa was poor indeed.  How tragic would it be if her words, her prayers, her heart had been silenced because her true wealth and power which came from Him didn’t measure up this side of heaven?




2 Responses to Wealth Versus Wisdom – Our Lord’s Love

  1. There’s nothing blessed in being poor unless we come to him. I agree that wealth isn’t comparison to spiritual prosperity.


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