Day One: Post Lumpectomy

Update on Jill . . . our love and prayers continue for y’all!

Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!

I promise I’ll only do this today, but this is where my mind is and I HURT! You do not realize how much certain parts of your body move, until some doctor cuts a hole in it. I just have one main word to get across in this post and that is OUCH!

I feel as if I have been wrestling with barbed wire. I don’t know who intubated me, but they may need a little more practice. I know they tried their best. Obviously got it in the right place, but my throat is incredibly sore from their practice. My twitching vocal chords did not help, I’m sure.

As the radiologists was inserting the guide wire, into a supposed numb area, I felt like she was jamming a piece of barbed wire in to help Dr. S. find the tumor. I’m glad I was asleep to have it removed.

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8 Responses to Day One: Post Lumpectomy

  1. gegebearbear says:

    Martha, as always…a sweetheart…..thank you!


  2. Martha, we hope you have a speedy recovery, heal to good health and stay that way. God bless you. Organic foods and products are a ticket to health…eat God’s food naturally and thrive.


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