The Beauty In What Is Plain

In another post, I spoke of a rough day and a quilt I made which lifted me up.  Now, the other part of the story.  Look at this closely:

Digital Camera

If you look closely here, you will see that this is made up of as lot of
“Four Patch” quilt blocks.  When i flipped through some sketches of different traditional quilt blocks before designing this quilt, I quickly passed the Four Patch by.  It is simply 4 squares sewn together.  Plain, boring, and didn’t have any appeal to me at all.  Look at the picture without focusing on the fabrics.  Within each of the strips which separate the quilt blocks, you see just squares . . . nothing fancy.  Oh, sure.  Two of the four segments of each block are made up of 4 even tinier squares, but still so plain and lack luster. Now look again.

When the light shines on the plain and simple . . . the patterns of the fabrics draw you closer and perhaps make you see things a little differently.  Looking again, see that all the blocks are exactly alike, it seems, and individually, they still aren’t much.  However, when they are together as one body, they become warm, full of life, and beautiful.  As a quilter, I have learned to see the hidden beauty . . . the real beauty hidden within . . . just needs to be coaxed out.

The Lord knows this so much better than I am capable of seeing, but in a small way this quilt speaks of the body of Christ and why we must work together as one loving body of Christ in this world.  Beautiful things can be hidden within the fragments and become examples of His love only when we all come together!

In designing a quilt, I rejected many fabrics before I selected the few which I used in the quilt shown.  This is where quilting differs so from  the love of Christ.  None are rejected.  To be a part of His body, all we need to do is say “yes, Lord” and accept His love and love Him.

Say yes, won’t you?


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