Today Is Not Better But I AM

Did you ever notice that when you’re out of focus, it seems that this is the very time when those closest to you are in BAD moods, are of a mind to point out ALL of your flaws – real or imagined – and just when you find a quiet place and time to get those eyes fixed on Jesus again .   . . every telemarketer on earth suddenly calls you?  Yesterday was one of those “where am I going” kind of days and when the unrest externally quieted some and I found my way to my prayer chair, each time I sat down the phone rang again.  Worse yet, most of the sales calls were prerecorded “press one.”  Grrrr.

I must say, though, that as annoying as the calls were, my annoyance was blown a bit out of proportion by the fact that someone close to me was ranting and raving.  Know what?  It is no accident thst when our focus slips from Him that those closest to us are suddenly on the attack. Peeps, if a stranger grumbles at you, it doesn’t generally break your spirit, but when someone you love grumbled IT SURE DOES.  The evil one knows this and uses it!  So, yesterday . .  .

A beautiful day of sun and blue skies and one of which poems are written, paintings painted . . . but not by me.  I admit, I just couldn’t get my mind to switch over to what my heart and soul knew.  Prayer was more of a gripe fest, quiet time wasn’t quiet . . . so I cleaned, yup.  Not everything I cleaned was in need, but I needed something to keep me busy and something mindless.  As I sorted out my fabric stash (I am a quilter) I found my WIP collection.

Work in progress .  . . as a Christian I am His WIP and as a quilter with a large stash of WIP projects, I am reminded of what a good thing it is that He is the Lord and I am not because His WIP pile is bigger than mine just from the lessons He is teaching me alone.  But surrendering that, I flipped through scraps and bolts and quilt tops and found one small enough to finish and simple enough to “get it right” in my mindless state.  It didn’t occur to me until this morning that He was speaking to me lovingly the whole time, nor did I realize at the time that even yesterday, the birds still sang and the flowers, kisses from God to me, were still in bloom.  I just focused on the thread and the fabric.  With blurry eyes, He enabled me to thread the needle . .  . y’all know how hugely He speaks to me through nature.  So, here are some pictures of the Light of Christ Garden Table Top Quilt.  Today, the weather is gloomy and threatens to be really bad, but I woke up singing the words to Isaiah 60:1

 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

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2 Responses to Today Is Not Better But I AM

  1. I can identify, Martha. with the circumstances you’re describing.
    God is so Good…when our heart is breaking, His Hands are Held out to catch our tears, Then,He gently reminds us of the gifts He has instilled in us ., to take our minds off what;s “wrong” in our lives, and focus them on what’s “right”…like the ability He Gave “someone” to create beautiful and inspiring quilts !


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