My Pentecost

It came suddenly,

This gift so long-awaited,

Yet its arrival startled me.

I had grown accustomed to my hunger

And suddenly knew it no more!

In its place came a new excitement,

A new purpose,

A new understanding,

A new path,

And a new experience of grace

Filling me to overflowing.

Then, I saw the fire in His eyes,

Knew the depth of passion,

This love He has for me!

I saw His smile,

Knew His happy tears for me

Would not extinguish the fire,

But only fan the flame

In my soul!

This flame?

It’s burning still!

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-17-2013


7 Responses to My Pentecost

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  2. Ben Nelson says:

    Awesome – nothing beats a personal pentecost!


    • So true! Some experiences come and go from our memory but this one, though it was quite some time ago – I know it with every detail and feeling just like it was only a moment ago! We have many personal Pentecosts in our life, but the first one is AMAZING! tHANKS!!


  3. “…I had grown accustomed to my hunger…” this echoes in all of us


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