The Need For Strife

It seems to me that I do not always recognize peace at a season when it is in abundance.  Sometimes that very abundance makes my greed increase and so rather than appreciate the blessings, I cry out for more and more of what I truly already have inside me and flowing all around me.

Can it be that, for me anyway, and perhaps for others too . . . that it is times of strife and learning and trusting in Him then turning my back on it which opens my eyes to the grace He is pouring upon me so lavishly?



9 Responses to The Need For Strife

  1. cshowers says:


    That is so powerful and sadly, true for many of us (me). Thank you for your faithfulness in shining the light on us, and giving us something to think about.

    Much love to you,


    • Thank you! How you bless me by your words! I try to share what He gives honestly but later sometimes wonder if the Light shines or if my messed up human self dims it! This was His revelation to me but I knew He wanted it shared. It was a wow moment betweeen Him and I for sure!


  2. I think it is through the contrast that we see the blessing ,magnified
    for what it is…PRECIOUS.When we’re blanketed in Peace, we forget what it feels like to be suffocated by strife.


  3. My response runs parallel with Cheryl’s, Martha…after reading your words, I felt I could relate to them. Thanks for an enlightening reminder and perfect for a Sunday morning. Have a lovely day, Lauren 🙂 p.s. I also love the image…


    • Gotta say I searched the free clipart for something to put here and was so excited to find this one! Thanks for your comment, Lauren! It has been a day filled with His love and overwhelming outpouring of grace! It is on days like this that trust and faith grows!


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