A Touch . . . A Poem . . . A Community

I had an amazing day yesterday.  I didn’t do anything unusual and in many ways the day probably was like so many others and in fact strongly resembled a few recently which, in place of smiles, had frustration and tears.  But not yesterday.  I listened quietly and heard joy’s whisper and hope’s response.  So often people speak of leaping for joy, yet joy often slips in quietly with a gentle and tender touch . . . whispering softly straight to my heart.  The noise lurking in there can distract me and cause me not to see it nor hear it.  On those other Sundays when tears replaced cheers there were some who spoke encouragingly, yet somehow I could not take in their well intended messages.  The thing that reached deep inside me was their hand holding my own, their gentle touch on my shoulder, the silent prayerful presence.  So, yesterday when a friend in the pew near me knelt and wept, I know not why, I resisted the urge to speak, and just rested my hands on his quietly loving him.

I woke up early today and my heart was troubled just as it was when I awakened yesterday, but I quickly remembered how the day had changed for me yesterday when I quietly waited.  My joy was still there just beyond sight and reach for a time . . .


Waiting In Hope

Where is the sun?

The sky is angry and dark

With clouds overtaking my world.

The sweet music I crave

Has been drowned out by

Clashing and rumbling.

Will the glow . . .

The warmth return?


For, you see, it has not truly left at all.

It is merely shielded from view

And will smile again soon.

By Martha L Shaw – 5-27-2013


8 Responses to A Touch . . . A Poem . . . A Community

  1. Debbie says:

    Really lovely and hopeful, Martha! Thank you and God bless you!


  2. Yevette says:

    Beautiful. I had a similar experience over the weekend merely by being still before the Lord.


  3. emeraldogzz says:

    Beautiful! thank you for sharing


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