Jesus Hugged Me Twice Today!

Today was the first day of our church VBS and I was eager to participate yet apprehensive about starting the day since the challenges in my life seem large and the solution hasn’t been revealed yet.  Will I be able to . . . oh, what about my . . . but I got up, did my morning routine and set off.  “I hope I can . . . ”

I didn’t see anyone when I got out of the car on this cloudy day.  I went about doing the things I needed to do.  We all have much to do in the minutes before 100 or so children excited arrived.  As I continued along, I saw a sweet little girl who lives far away but comes to visit family around here periodically and she has always touched my heart.  As soon as we spied each other, she came rushing close and gave me a big hug.  Clouds?  What clouds?

The first day of VBS went well, and the bumps along the way were smoothed.  Later, one of the slightly older children, an eager “helper” was with some older kids who were also helping.  I stood behind the church pew where she sat with the other kids and suddenly she stood up and leaned over the pew and gave me such a loving hug. I’m so glad she’s not “too old” to hug!

As we, the adults leading the VBS met to discuss the morning’s events , we were asked for any Jesus moments anyone wished to share from the children in the classes.  One teacher spoke up that she’d been talking about prayer and said “well, shall we pray?”  One wee one quickly spoke up saying “I will!” and led the prayer aloud in her classroom.”  Wow!  Jesus hugged lots of us today!

Another teacher spoke up next.  She mentioned a little girl, a cancer patient, in her class.  She’s very young, has no hair, and clearly is going through some very scary and rather “grown up” things despite her tender age.  She became sad during class at one point and began to cry and ask for her Mama.  A student in the class, little boy I believe we were told, got right up and got her a doll to hug.  Other children also drew close to this sweet little girl with such big scary challenges, and they were quick to  comfort her in their own ways.  Wow, Jesus was busy today!

Thinking about my swollen and sore foot and some other challenges in my life which I’m living with, I’m recalling the Jesus moments from this morning and thinking of His love . . . His healing and amazing love.


4 Responses to Jesus Hugged Me Twice Today!

  1. I love how He individually meets us in ways that minister to us most! Blessings of many more “hugs” from Him this week! 🙂


    • There are sure to be! Interesting to note, He didn’t stop there with showing me His love. I went to the grocery store and He pretty muhc always puts me in the path of someone with whom I need to talk about Him. Sometimes He gives me words to start the conversation and sometimes a complete stranger will suddenly begin telling me about His love. That was what happened today. Any day with Him in it is a good day! Thanks!


  2. Dear Martha…You’ve once again poured more sunshine into my day ! I loved hearing about YOUR day…and all the Love you experienced though His precious little ones. My grandchildren just started Bible camp today, too…and it warmed my heart when my daughter told me they had written love letters to Jesus…I think both you and I have a great week ahead !! Blessings Always…


    • Oh, thank you! I felt a little guilty at volunteering and not staying home job hunting and stressing over the financial worry but my daily devotionals and Scripture reading and prayer time all point toward this being what He wants me to be doing and it’s life-giving. He has a plan for the messes in our lives and even when nobody else agrees, He’s the one we follow! Today was another day of hugs, sticky fingers, shrill little voices singing to Jesus, reciting scripture, and praying and praising together, and dressing silly .. . . and it’s all about Jesus! Good week and blessings in abundance!


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