Day-Leigh – A Poem – A VBS Blessing To Share

The car door closed.

The sound of thumping quickened

And I looked up to see a little ray of sunshine

Running in my direction!

I smiled and saw the tiny face light up

And in an instant small arms spread

And I was swallowed up in them

As love surrounded me

And snuggled in close!

Jesus’ love is just like this!

By Martha L Shaw – © 6-27-2013

8 Responses to Day-Leigh – A Poem – A VBS Blessing To Share

  1. So sweet of a great word picture of God’s love!! 😉 Thank you Miss Martha!!
    How are you doing?
    I am praying.


    • Potential health issues awaiting provision to look into. Provision is a great need. I know He has a plan, but the human can’t see far ahead . . . fear and challenges loom. Doing all I can to walk in faith and fear. Thanks so much for the prayers. Am seeking a book publisher as well and would also appreciate support on that. I believe this project is at His bidding . . . Blessings! How are things in your world?


      • Bless your heart!!

        It always seems darkest before the dawn. I know the Lord has a plan just for you!! And I will be paying for a publisher. How exciting!!! 🙂

        Things are good. Thank you for asking. 🙂

        We have had some illness but starting to see a potential turn. 🙂 It just seems to be longer than you want it to be. 🙂 And bless the heart of the sick as they are really tired of being sick!!

        Just like in all that is happening in your life, the Lord is hopefully using this time for His glory and His purpose.

        Keep me posted…please. 🙂


      • Living on credit and being a caregiver is part of the problem. I’ll be brief because I’m in a low place right now. After my last comment I went to a meeting (book study at church) and social justice was discussed. All people spoke of was folks not treating health issues because they have no money, folks losing their homes, and so on and so forth. None of the people in this meeting have ever experienced what I am living and their frame of reference is limited. They felt that if we teach these people life will change. They know my situation but do not see me as a statistic because I am well educated and all the rest of it. These things happen to all of us. It isn’t about being stupid. I said nothing. They know enough about my situation already and honestly were not intending to offend. They truly wanted to “contribute” to society and help improve things. They mean well. It just struck a nerve. I’ve been living this way most of the last 5 years. Intermittent temp jobs but at the moment that’s not happening. I’m overqualified according to everyone I interview with. I do, though, also feel called to something new. His timing is not my own and yes He’s taught me MUCH in this time. The blessings far outreach the pain even though the pain and challenges are BIG. It just goes to illustrate that we need to BE AWARE THAT PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS AND SHOULD NOT BE LABELED AND DISMISSED. Sorry for the long winded comment. He loves me and has a plan. This poem is REAL not simply a creative expression. He loves on me and all of us all the time. Sometimes we are profoundly aware of it as I was today.


  2. Martha…You’re in my prayers. I know The Lord has great plans for His good and faithful servant…YOU!


    • Thanks. Gosh, I sure didn’t intend this to be a pity party on my life. Maybe He’ll use it for good for someone facing challenge. Much of the time I truly know He has a plan and I do hear His voice and follow as I discern He’s leading. If the blessings of the past 5 years could only come with the pain, I’d do it over again. Thanks for the friendship and prayers and forgive the long winded comments. Hugs and blessings!


  3. BEAUTIFUL insights to HIS love and that everything will ultimately work out for his glory and our good ~ Hold fast sis, you’re priceless to your Father ! I love you ~Debbie


    • Thanks, love you too Sister. In this world’s eyes my life probably looks beyond messy and in some ways it sure is, but He uses all of it to teach me or to bless me or to bless others and whether that means that this is all His plan or whether the human hasn’t always kept to the right path, it matters not because He redeems by mess and blesses others through it all. I might get caught up in fear, especially when it seems the edge of the cliff is looming, but I can’t help but believe the worst that can happen is He’ll give me wings! He knows I want to serve Him! I hunger to!


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