Six Word Friday – Kindness

Click the image and join the fun!

‘ Click the image and join the fun!


Restores . . . relieves . . . encourages . . .

Simple . . . Life-giving!

4 Responses to Six Word Friday – Kindness

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    Thanks, Martha!


  2. Couldn’t be more true Martha. The world needs more of this refreshing kindness. It is one of the Christian’s super-powers!


    • Thank you! I witnessed it just moments ago when a woman commended a Mom of 4 children for their behavior and evident Christian values at a local small restaurant – must add, this was at a very crowded and very popular local family owned place during peak hour! I’m sure the Mom was touched by the kindness especially since another short tempered woman had been rude to them for being in her way in the line to order when they were simply staying with their Mom as she ordered. Quiet respectful children and didn’t talk back to the adult.


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