Faith Rises


Stormy days . . .

There have been many.

I hunger for the sun,

Yet see only clouds.

I seek rest,

Yet the whistling of the wind

And drumbeats of the rain

Form an angry orchestra against my window

And become all I hear

Until . . .

I find strength to rise

And hear the sweet sound

Of birds singing in the storm!

Loud and clear,

Sweet and triumphant!

If such tiny birds can still find

a song in their hearts to share,

then so can I!

by Martha L Shaw – © 6-30-2013


5 Responses to Faith Rises

  1. pennart says:

    God inspired.


  2. Beautiful and full of hope, Martha! I read this in a very timely manner, as we have a storm brewing in our life, too…not sure of the future, but we’re trying to hold onto hope, faith and strength. Thank you for this!


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