Forever Faith

Wow. Amazing and timely post on faith. “Faith isn’t faith until
it’s all you’re hanging onto.” Thanks for sharing and I must reblog so more will hear His voice.

The Message Maker

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re hanging onto…I heard those words within my spirit 11 years ago. Over the course of several days,I kept hearing them…knowing there was a message inside the words, yet being unable to grasp what it was. “I have faith Lord…You know I’ve always had faith.” Yet, as the days went on, I sensed the insistence in the need for me to ponder the phrase.
Finally…hesitantly…I arrived at the conclusion. He was Speaking of not the day-to-day faith I had been so accustomed to…the kind of faith that brings us over the hurdles that aren’t that far off the ground. He was Speaking about the kind of faith necessary to climb a mountain…and come out on the other side…complete trust…surrendered to Him…in the most devastating times of our lives.
And my heart began to tell me…I was about to face one of those times…and He…

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  1. Fantastic words of testimony !


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