Be Astonished!

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. – Mary Oliver  –

This quote is AWESOME!  It is to me “daily bread” or will be moving forward.  I am moving forward.  It may not always feel like it, but I am.  Of late I’ve gone from a time of great weather outside but a low time within me, to a time of DREADFUL weather outside yet, TBTG, a brighter spirit within me!  The cause of the change?


I am the same flawed human with the same challenges.  My change in attitude is all Him!  It’s still difficult as the scary challenges which I fight through are still here and disrupt my sleep as they come to me in dreams YET my focus on Him restores me every time.


It is true!  There are many who have answers and eagerly share them, yet while He does speak through others sometimes,  gloom and doom “answers” do not come from Him.  Comments on hopelessness, failure, and impossible do NOT come from Him.  In Him and with Him, those do not exist.


So, in this period of darkness and rain and thunder, I urge you to hold fast to hope, or as the Hebrew word qavah expresses so well, anticipate eagerly!   As the quote above tells us, and which so brightly speaks of our personal life with and in Him:

Pay attention

Be astonished

Tell about it

And now, for a taste of the beauty which exists beyond the rain splattered windows, I share a look at what lives beyond the storm:


wild rose_250x187

Mepkin 2007 009




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