Mirrored – Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

The challenge:

Complete the following:  Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “

My answer?  I saw the need to change my attitude!

Did you ever find someone in your life really “pushes your buttons” so to speak?  You know what I mean:

  • thinks she’s always right (or he’s always right)
  • is so quick to point out that you fall short .  . .
  • seems to be negative all the time
  • always take the stage  . . .

Do you, in your secret heart, find that you cannot ignore this person?  Perhaps, you tell yourself they are distracting?  Tiresome?  Annoying?  Do you argue with him/her to try to set them straight?  Get them to look at things your way?

Look in the mirror:


I don’t like being the one to have to tell you this, but it might be that the reason they BUG you so is that they are reflecting your attitude back at you! That’s what I saw in my mirror!

Don’t blame or shame . . . because if you do, you’re acting the SAME way!  Not saying we do not ever need to share our concerns, problems, or challenges, but sharing and ranting aren’t the same thing.

My old driving instructor said “where you look is where you’ll head” and I couldn’t STAND IT when he said that but in life when I look down, that’s where I wind up yet when I look UP things brighten, hope comes, impossible becomes simple  . . . because I hand it off to the Lord.  He doesn’t want us to carry more than our share!  He seeks to be our personal Lord and Savior and we are to reflect Him.  Look in the mirror.  What do you see?

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