His Presence

I was driving down the road

And all I saw was you . . .

I felt the sun’s warmth

And knew in it

the brightness of your love.

As the trees swayed in the wind

And the branches did not fall

I knew the safety of your nearness.

In the vegetation I saw food

For my body and my soul

As your flowers kissed me

With their beauty!

As the ocean’s waves rolled in and out

I watched the stress of yesterday

Washed away,

And the newness of tomorrow

Flowing in to take its place.

As clouds slid by, filtering the sun,

My skin tingled with joy

As the day’s heat became

The promise of a restful night.

Your love is with me always!

By Martha L Shaw – © 7-6-2013

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5 Responses to His Presence

  1. So very refreshing and beautiful my dear sister! God bless!


    • Yesterday I was so aware of Him and saw Him in everything. Prayed today to hear His voice and wow, He was waiting for me to ask! Isn’t He amazing? Thank you!


  2. what wonderful understanding and writing dear sis! He IS ever with us! xo Debbie


    • Thanks Debbie! He is so present with me and He has a plan for my life. He is powerfully making His presence known but revealing tiny baby steps . . . His love is like no other!


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