Ministry Moment

Amen and hallelujah! Love these encounters! His love is AMAZING!

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Dear Ones,

We never know when the Lord will bless our socks off in the course of each day; but expect it!

I had just picked up a few odds and ends from our local lumber yard in the late afternoon of April 29th and the testimony of one touched by our Jesus rang forth to His glory!

Taking my items to the cashiers isle I was greeted by a friendly, smiling middle-aged man who had such a calm demeanor. I seized the opportunity to set the conversation towards more heavenly things and a thrilling testimony came forth to my joy and amazement.

I’m always excited when I sense a person has been touched by God somewhere in their life and is quick to give Him the praise. In this case, a testimony of complete healing of stage 4 cancer came forth and also another severe condition the following year…

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful to know HE’S everywhere !


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