About Joy

True joy bears the mark of the radiance of God.  It is not temporal.  To be open to it requires faith and trust and relinquishment of the earthly self and its confines.  While this is not easy since our culture impacts us and leads us in an entirely different direction, the work of chipping away the layers of our earthly self to uncover our authentic self is both time-consuming and worthwhile.  True joy erupts from the very core of our true being and purpose.  It is a feeling likened to the radiance of God.  Once experienced, life can never be the same. 

I am light.

I dance.

I sing.

I am His.

He is mine.

What was no longer matters but for the teaching tool it has become.  Regret no longer exists.  Time can no longer be measured nor can it confine me.  Life truly becomes eternal.  Needs no longer really exist for I have become myself.

               By Martha L Shaw – © 7-8-2013


3 Responses to About Joy

  1. Dear Martha…This is such a TIMELY message for my spirit !
    The cares of this world are left far behind when we rest in the freedom and realization of the Eternal joy that is our inheritance.
    Thank you once again for being such a tremendous blessing in my life !


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