Using our gifts; Make your poetry into a bookmark

Great way to bless others, bless the Lord, use His gifts, and promote our work!

Christian Resource Ministry

100_3291God gives us gifts for a reason – to use them to build up the body of Christ, glorify His name and draw all men unto Him.

Members of our team, including myself, write a bit of poetry but for a long while did not have a useful purpose for it besides sharing it with each other. Recently we have begun typing our poems bookmark size, printing them on colorful cardstock and inserting them into a plastic bookmark sleeve. These are perfect to have on hand to insert into a card or to just hand someone who needs encouragement. This is such a simple but profound way to use the gifts God has given us.

Make sure to attach a copyright to your poem and contact info to your bookmark.

If you are not a poet feel free to use some of our poetry. We are working on making it…

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6 Responses to Using our gifts; Make your poetry into a bookmark

  1. are these purchasable sis?


    • The full blog post never said that. It was pointedly recommending the idea complete with a link to the supplier for the sleeves! I’m sure if anyone desired to purchase some an arrangement can be made. It would help them in their ministry, I’m sure! I’m thinking seriously of making some myself! Great way to draw folks to Jesus and to provide provision to do more work for Him. Timely since my new ebook is nearly ready to be made available!


    • Naomi says:

      At present we are not offering our bookmarks for sale but are writing to encourage others to use their poetry as a blessing to others. We are in the process of making downloadable files of our bookmarks that are free of charge. You are welcome to these if you find them encouraging.


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