Is there such a thing as a simple relationship?  Yes, I believe so.  First, let me ask you something.  Have you had a relationship where:

1.      You didn’t trust the other one?

2.      You didn’t focus attention in the way you should on him/her?

3.      You did, in fact, focus time and attention on another?

4.      Were you untrusting? Unfaithful? Unloving? Impatient?Demanding?

5.      Did you, be honest now, hit the other with your demands yet not meet his/hers?

Sounds like a relationship doomed to fail.  In this relationship it seems likely the other would become angry, upset, disappointed.  It seems likely the other would seek to end your relationship and walk away.  Perhaps at this point you would make a plea to have one more chance?  You might indicate you “didn’t mean it.”  You might even ask him or her to help you be better?  How’s that working for you?

In our worldly relationships, it’s pretty obvious where the relationship is going to wind up.  Yet, in our relationship with the Lord we do all these things and He is in it with us in all our sin, lack of trust, disbelief, and more.  He keeps loving, giving, blessing and does NOT give us what we deserve.  In fact, He is eager to give us stronger faithfulness and trust.  Our brokenness leads us to a stronger relationship than ever with Him!  His love is NEVER going to be apart from us.  He is holding His hands out to us in love and forgiveness ALWAYS.  His hand is always eager to lead us!  We just need to say “yes.”  When saying yes is hard, He will help us.  I want a relationship like that, don’t you?

Lord Jesus, forgive my unbelief and recreate me and transform me.  Give me your hands, feet, eyes, ears, and heart.  Give me the courage to be the daughter you created me to be.  I love you and praise you for your undeserved favor and faithfulness at all times.  Thank you for never turning your gaze from me even when mine is turned from you.  Amen



  1. emeraldogzz says:

    Amen. This taught me more about my relationship with God. I want a deeper experience than my present with him. God bless you for sharing


    • Praying for you! He planted that desire in you and me. He handed me a present and I finally took it and opened it! His arms are never tired from holding them out to us! It is never too late for us and He transforms and uses everything for good! Blessings and thank you for reading and commenting!


  2. this is so faith-building and foundational to a relationship with Heavenly Father ~ You’re beautiful sis! xxoo


  3. Amazing Love…You’ve “painted a beautiful picture of it with you words Martha…Blessings…Leta


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