Come As Close As You Want

Ever closer . . .

Lyn Leahz


by Lyn Leahz, ©2013

When people have hurt me and broken my heart,

When time has shown no mercy, and pain is an art…

Here comes my Savior, my Lord of all….

His arms outstretched, I will not fall…

Tears, they are racing, down my face,

And I am overcome with His precious grace.

“You are my strong tower, my warmth when I am cold….

From youth you have been with me, and until I am old.

When everyone else would tease and taunt,

O’ Lord…my refuge…come as close as you want!”

©7/27/2013, Lyn Leahz

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6 Responses to Come As Close As You Want

  1. If you can read this and not cry you are stronger than I am, yet as we know our own strength means little while His means everything!


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  3. What is hurt? As we shift our perspective about it from ourselves to the perpetrator and the turbulence and inadequacies within him, we can begin to heal.

    Great post.



    • Great comment! If we surrendered all we should and rejected all we should (ie the hurt) my what stronger witnesses we would be! As my friend told me earlier, regarding a force of evil wrestling with me, “just say peace, be still”


  4. beautiful ! wonderful choice !


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