Have You Been Smitten?

In the book, The Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee we are told that “the soul has to be smitten a fatal blow by the death of Christ as to its self-governing strength.”  Wow.   Smitten is a word I only associate with the definition “very much in love, “ though it has other meanings such as struck or afflicted.  Those don’t sound so great, do they?  At first, having read the quote above, I thought of death.  Christ’s own and my “death to self” so that I might live.  Still, the writer’s use of smitten in this way seemed like a deliberate choice and given its association with love as well as its less known meaning affliction, this cannot be mere coincidence!  It got me thinking of life, love, and death to self in a broader way. 

The soul, a veritable pathway through which the spirit, our own and by indwelling in us, the Holy Spirit, must travel to empower, to guard, to guide us.  .  . Yet the soul not unlike the sole of a shoe can be tough to get through for our free will builds brick walls there.  Hamm . . . interesting.

Going through tough times now?  Storm season?  Stumbling blocks on the path with Jesus?  We are quick to assign blame for these to Satan.  Spiritual warfare does happen, yet so does learning things the hard way through our own stubbornness!  This is not to say the Lord beats us up.  Oh, no.  But if we decide to get in His way by our own choosing . . . using our own free will, we are putting up a fight against the grace and blessings being bestowed upon us.  We may pray and wonder where the answer is?  When will it come?  Yet we may very well, ourselves, be the reason it fails to quite reach us!

Smitten. .  . If we desire to fully give  ourselves to Christ and pray for Him to have His way with us, if we are truly smitten with Him as He is with us, smitten . . . the great love, must also be smitten – the strike which knocks down that wall we have unwittingly built to keep Him out!  That’s no casual love tap for His love for us is HUGE and in fact so much so that we cannot even comprehend its enormity!

I’ve waited my whole life to be loved that much!  Never thought it would happen!  Well, what do you know?  That love so longed for was mine all along!!  Hallelujah!

By Martha L Shaw – © 7-27-2013


7 Responses to Have You Been Smitten?

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  2. Color me smitten! 😉


  3. I’m smitten too !!


  4. Smitten is a great word.
    We can never understand or fully explain the incomprehensible love of the omnipotent creator God for sinful mankind. It passes knowledge and understanding . . . but praise God we can EXPERIENCE His great love and we rejoice in the REALITY of His love.
    Smitten indeed!


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