Blueberry Jam Recipe – In Time For Breakfast!

Blueberry jam – just enough and no scientific gadgets needed!

Get out a skillet, pour in 3 heaping cups of blueberries and 3/4 cup of sugar.

Have clear jar(s) ready. This will make about a cup or slightly more depending on how thick you want it. Have a wooden spoon and potato masher ready.

Begin on low to medium heat and stir continually until blended and sugar melts. Mash the berries to release juices, then increase the heat to maintain a low boil. Stir constantly to reduce splashing and keep jam from burning. In less than 30 minutes you’re done! You will notice as you stir that it is becoming thicker and that as you drag the spoon across “the red sea parts” so to speak. I like it really thick and so ended up with a full cup. You might get more if you want a thinner jam. If you’re an early riser you can have this done in the morning and cooled in time for sleepy heads to enjoy on biscuits or toast! It’ll easily keep in the refrigerator for 4 weeks or so, but I doubt it’ll last near that long! You may easily double the recipe.If you’re a newby to jam, you’ll think your skillet is way too big, but you want a lot of bottom surface since it’ll reduce better that way! If some sticks on, next time stir more and perhaps a slightly slower boil – BUT DO NOT SCRAPE OFF THE STUCK ON PART.


6 Responses to Blueberry Jam Recipe – In Time For Breakfast!

  1. This looks wonderful, Martha! And thank you for including the shelf life info. I’d love to bring some to share at our Women’s Bible Study.

    Seeing this post reminds me of when I was a young girl blueberry picking with my neighbor. There we were traipsing around the fields and over the fences. We found a nice bush, full of plump berries. We began picking, and suddenly, something made us look up. It was a large bull loose at the diagonal corner of the field, alertly looking at us!!

    Well, no pun intended, but we “hoofed” it out of there right quick! lol I also remember Miss Betty’s baby blue VW Bug. I thought it was ‘cool’ that she could drive a stick shift. 😉

    God bless you! Beth


    • Oh, my! What a fun memory! I can remember going blueberry picking in summer with Daddy and me and nobody else. Mom would dress me in something that was light weight and wouldn’t matter if I got filthy and then make me wear snow boots because it was so muddy in the wooded area where the wild blueberries grew. Nothing was yummier than the muffins she’d make with our haul! No bulls for us, TBTG! Blessing to you too! Martha


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