Feathered Blessings


Feathered Blessings


Sweat drips from every pore


And sun blinds me.


So much work unfinished


As my heart pounds.


The mirror is my enemy


But the birds hidden among leaves


Sing “pretty, pretty.”


Weary and working to catch my breath,


I smile in their direction.


By Martha L Shaw © 8-6-2013

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2 Responses to Feathered Blessings

  1. Dear Martha, I understand and live with so much unfinished. I’m going for walks again to build stamina and get back in shape. In the past I’ve tried and failed, so going very slowly this time and thinking long-term. Many blessings, Ellen


    • Thanks, Ellen. The physical battle is easier than battling the voices of deceit though . . . Those voices try every way imaginable to beat us down. I will not be beaten! I am a beautiful princess of the King of Kings and so are you, Sister! Blessings to you also!


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