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sunflowerHave you ever wondered WHY things happen to you?  I mean, I am pretty sure we all do.  But that moment where you say, “Why do I have to go thru this?”  You may ask God that question or you may just pose it to yourself…or the cosmos.

Today, I learned a little bit about why I have been through all the things of the past couple of years.  The doctors, the hospitals, the caring for others, the EMS calls, the hospice connection, dementia….

Mom found an old man (by her terms…and she’s 85) who had fallen up the street in front of a door of one of our neighborhood houses.  She isn’t strong enough to help him so I went up to try.  There I found a confused and disoriented gentleman, clearly elderly, sitting on the ground in front of a front door.

I tried to get a handle…

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  1. YES! keeping the big picture is indispensable ! Great reblog choice !


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