When Mourning Ceased

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As I drove down the street

The blue sky smiled brightly

As the October sunshine laughed happily

But the sound of my own thoughts

Stole my attention

As I wondered how to fix . . .

What to do about . . .

And nothing seemed to make sense.

In frustration,

I opened the window

And as the cool autumn air took hold of me

My thoughts were blown away

For a time

And I heard the plaintive cry of a lonely bird

Soon joined by another

Then another

And when this trio sang as one

Mourning time had ceased.

In its place?


By Martha L Shaw – © 10-1-2013

4 Responses to When Mourning Ceased

  1. emeraldogzz says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely


  2. a true masterpiece ! Better than Vivaldi !


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