To Use Well the Gifts

Revelations In Writing

One DayAll that we have,
entrusted to us;
to honor Christ,
holy God with us.
Called to wisdom,
to care well for men;
give to the poor,
breathe fresh hope again.
What is done here,
is heard in heaven;
if we forgive,
we’ll be forgiven.
Let our motive,
be a heart to serve;
receive His grace,
we do not deserve.
On that one day,
we stand up and face;
let words He speaks,
our hearts each embrace.
“We’ll done, dear one,
for you have lived well;
Loving others,
My story you’d tell.”
“Enter here now,
this glorious place;
prepared for all,
who’ve run well their race.”

(Responding to Luke 19:17)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that we are not home yet. Thank You that all we experience and all that we have here, is temporary; how we respond is eternal. Thank You that wisdom and resources are given as gifts by…

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