Wow, Mary – What Were You Thinking?

As I sit here on the day after the celebration of my Savior’s birth, I am thinking many things.  I’m thankful I didn’t spend money I couldn’t afford in preparation for the day.  I am concerned yet eager as I look forward to a new year.  I worry about keeping a roof over my head then remind myself that my faith tells me I will be fine and try to let go of the fear of human weakness.  I look outside and realize it’s cold out there, and then decide to stay in and work on a few projects, thankful that my house is clean from the festivities of yesterday.  I think with delight of the church services of Christmas Eve, and frown at the weather prediction for tomorrow of stormy wind and rain, even knowing it won’t likely prevent me from doing what I need to do.  This day is calm, bright, and when I keep my focus on my newborn King, it is full of hope.

Newborn King!  Wow, on this day those many, many years ago, Mary – a girl of barely 14 and still a virgin looked down at her baby who was also her Lord and her King.  She was likely tired as it was, after all, the day after her firstborn came into the world.  The excitement of His first visitors had likely passed.  Her husband might well have been watching closely and wishing to get his party on the way home.  As Mary gazed into the eyes of Jesus who was at once her baby son, her God Incarnate, her King of Kings, did she think of tomorrow?  Next year?  Thirty-three years from now?  Did she smile as He snuggled close?  Did she worry about having enough swaddling clothes for the journey?  Was she thinking of the bigger journey – the one which her life had been all about since the day a certain angel came to her and asked a question which meant her life would change in ways she couldn’t possibly understand?  Did she cry at the thought of it, as I am now?  What was Mary thinking this day?

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