I Am NOT Sorry!

Okay, what does the title mean?  Well, I’m not sorry to see 2013 come to a close YET neither am I seeing it as a crushing defeat.  It simply was . . .

new year

I don’t like thinking “can’t wait for this year to end” because all life on earth is a mixture of what I wanted and what I didn’t want.  To think negatively on 2013 puts an unhealthy expectation on 2014.  I prefer to ask the Lord to enable me to know the gifts given to me on the journey and to show me the next steps to take with a happy heart.  My life doesn’t often change too dramatically but whether my heart soars or breaks is less about concrete details and more about hope in Him.

2 Responses to I Am NOT Sorry!

  1. May your new year be abundantly blessed and prosperous Martha! God bless!


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