Seasons Do Change

February 27, 2014

As the choir sang

In my personal sanctuary

I heard the last bits of the rains of yesterday

Drip from the roof deck above.

Tiny bits of pollen in the air

Caused an itch

Or the occasional twitch,

But brought as well a reminder

Of the coming of spring.

It won’t be long, now.

By Martha L Shaw – ©2-27-14


Strength and Peace Supplied

February 26, 2014

Revelations In Writing

“The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.” – (Psalm 29:11)

Strength and peace supplied by the Lord, make all the difference.  At the close of Mark 4, when a squall suddenly came upon the disciples as they were crossing the sea, and Jesus was sleeping in the stern of the boat, fear and desperate need were their reality.  When they called to Jesus, He spoke to the wind and waves in His strength, and said, “Be still.”  Peace promptly followed.

How many times have we found ourselves in a similar situation?  Wind and waves far larger than our own sense of security looming ever closer, and panic present where peace belongs…  It is only when we take our eyes off of the wind and waves, and seek the strength of our Savior, that the peace that surpasses all understanding, becomes present. …

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The Coming

February 26, 2014

Sitting here,

I know today is a dark and cold wintry day

But yesterday

It looked and felt like spring!

Only the bare branches betrayed

What the calendar on my wall tells me.

A knowledge of all that is to come

Heals my soul.

By Martha L Shaw   –  © 2-26-2014

Copyright 1995-2013 by Martha L Shaw all rights reserved

Copyright 1995-2013 by Martha L Shaw all rights reserved

Resetting Our Focus

February 26, 2014

Revelations In Writing

In Mark 5, the story of Jairus, the synagogue ruler whose daughter was dying, is told.  There are numerous things about this story that stand out, yet the one that is in the forefront of my mind this morning, is how when all that was seen, was directing Jairus to despair, Jesus had another plan in mind.  Members of Jairus’s household had just come and told him that his daughter was dead, and to not bother Jesus anymore.  “Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, ‘Don’t be afraid, just believe.” – (Mark 5:36)

Life’s circumstance told Jairus to despair, yet Jesus told him to hope.  Jairus, in that moment had a choice to make.  He could choose to focus on the news that had just been delivered, or he could hold onto the hope that was standing before him.  As the story further unfolds, Jairus clearly opted to…

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Do YOU Believe? A Quote For Monday

February 24, 2014

believe quote

Where there is great love, there are always miracles.

– Willa Cather –

Six Word Saturday

February 22, 2014

The Lord is speaking


I’m listening!





Chasing Dreams

February 21, 2014

Revelations In Writing

Desires, dreams, the very hopes we hold in our heart that are deeply rooted and established in our faith, are not there by mistake.  God places these things in us, so that we faithfully move forward with Him.  However, there is often a long and winding road to take between that which we long to do, and the fruition of said reality.

Paul was no exception.  He desperately desired to preach the gospel in Rome.  I imagine that Paul’s plan did not include chains, shipwrecks, snakes, arrests, and long delays, in order to actually arrive to his desired destination.  “Although he may have wished for an easier passage, he knew that God had blessed him greatly in allowing him to meet the believers in Rome and preach the message to both  Jews and Gentiles in that great city.  In all things, God worked for Paul’s good.” – (Acts 28:17-20

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Hope Quote

February 21, 2014

hope bird quote


February 21, 2014

Hey folks!

It seems there is a wide spread problem on WordPress with reblogs.  A change has been made in the way in which they appear but based on my own experience and that of many others who have spoken to me or written in the help forum .  . .

The title and “comment” appear without a snapshot of a portion of the posst and with no link.  In my own experience, I was unable to delete the useless post and prior posted reblogs have also been affected.

From what I can see, the techs have been advised of this.  Sorry for your inconvenience in viewing these.  Hopefully they will soon have things restored.


And so related to “Can You Make A Cheese Sauce”…

February 21, 2014

Sharing this for several reasons but mostly because it made me so hungry!  Check it out at:

Mary's Blog

I’ve become an afficionado of macaroni and cheese. As detailed in my previous post, I like making cheese sauces, so the next step in the staircase is to make macaroni & cheese.

Now, don’t even THINK I mean that stuff you take out of a box.  It has its place in food history but that is NOT what I’m talking about.  Let’s just say that I’ve taken a page from the Southern cooking mindset and I make hand crafted, home made macaroni and cheese.  Baked in the oven.

This is how I do it.  And, just so you know, I’m going to put in a few additional tips for “if you like it this way….” or “if you like it THIS way…”

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp flour (AP works here)

2 cups milk

Let’s start with the basic ingredients here.  Melt the butter on low.  Sprinkle in the flour…

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