April 5, 2014


He weaves my dreams

Together with His own

And the result

Is far greater

Than anything I could imagine!

Ny Martha L Shaw – © 4-5-2014



National Adopt A Greyhound Month – April

April 4, 2014

To draw attention to these beautiful animals and the many who are seeking homes right now . . . and in honor of National Adopt A Greyhound Month, I am republishing this piece I wrote some time ago.  Is there room in your heart and home for a new member of the family?

God and the Greyhound


It was a trying day.

I sat down to decompress

And thoughts swirled about me

Like a tornado

On a path to destruction.

I couldn’t escape them.


There you were.

Your loving nudge went unnoticed,

At first,

Then you reached out again

With a loving touch

That kissed my very soul within me.


My focus on you was divided at first,

But again you reached out to me

And you were both gentle and strong.

The tornado of emotion passed me by.

There were no words,

Nor any sound at all between us,

But your touch restored me

And I met yours with my own,

Reminded of God’s love

By the affection of a greyhound . . .

I wonder,

Why can’t a servant of God

Run on four legs?

Today, one did.

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-2-2013

Boone loves a Sunday afternoon drive with the family!

Coombsy is all smiles!  Mom and Dad are home!

A visit with my friend Kim’s dog inspired this poem.  Pictured here are both her dog and my friend Mary’s dog.  Retired greyhounds make wonderful family pets.  For more information on adopting a greyhound, visit this site:  http://www.adoptcharlestongreys.org/

April – National Poetry Month 2014

April 4, 2014

Great info!

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

It’s wonderful to read about the many ways people are celebrating poetry.  As many of you know, I serve as a volunteer at The Haiku Foundation (THF).  The Education Wall I helped begin last year has grown, and others have added more work.  Jim Kacian, the founder and director of THF, is the Editor for the Ed Wall.  This link goes to his initial introduction of the work (June 28, 2013), which in turn links to the Ed Wall (also filed under Programs).  The foundation is non-profit.  This work continues and is a great resource for teachers.


Don Wentworth is the Editor for the April 2014 Per Diem collection at THF.  The theme is “Transcendence.”

Also, John Stevenson is leading their first Renku Session.  I hope to spend some time learning about renku in the next weeks and months.

National Haiku Poetry Day is April 17.

Here’s the link for…

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April 4, 2014


At the sidewalk café I sit by myself

Yet realize, smiling, that I am not alone.

I enjoy the company of decades . . .

No, centuries of those who’ve passed this way

And oh the stories they can tell!

I have only to listen!

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-4-2014 Words and image




Finding Peace

April 2, 2014

16 He shall dwell on high:

his place of defense shall be the munitions of rocks:

bread shall be given him;

his waters shall be sure.

17 Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty:

they shall behold the land that is very far off.

18 Thine heart shall meditate terror.

Where is the scribe?

Where is the receiver?

where is he that counted the towers?

Isaiah 33:16-18

Vero Beach and Juno Beach 2014 125


With My Lover

April 1, 2014

Vero Beach and Juno Beach 2014 043

Prayer does not require words. It can be an inner glow as you feel a gentle breeze touch your face and the cool sensation of low tide tickling your toes and you realize the lover of your soul placed these there just for you and at that very moment He is holding you close. By Martha L Shaw – © 4-1-2014



Sing My Soul

April 1, 2014

I have suddenly realized

That the quietness of my soul

Is playing a much different tune

Than it ever has before!

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-1-2014


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