Waiting In Hope

May 26, 2014

God speaks to me 2

Where is the sun?

The sky is angry and dark

With clouds overtaking my world.

The sweet music I crave

Has been drowned out by

Clashing and rumbling.

Will the glow . . .

The warmth return?


For, you see, it has not truly left at all.

It is merely shielded from view

And will smile again soon.

By Martha L Shaw – 5-27-2013

Words and image by the author

Six Word Saturday

May 24, 2014


LOVE the way He loves me!

Are You Hungry?

May 23, 2014

Me:  “Man, am I hungry!”

Jesus: “Here, have some carrots”

Me:  “Man, am I hungry!”

Jesus: “Here, have some carrots”

Me:  “Man, am I hungry!”

Jesus: “Here, have some carrots”

Me:  “Man, am I hungry!”

Jesus: “Here, have some carrots”

 Me:    Stomach growling and finally noticing Him there “no, I wanted broccoli!”


We do this to Jesus ALL the time!



Go For A Swim

May 23, 2014


Tears of joy come from the very same body as tears of sadness  . . . though a bit further upstream.

 That makes all the difference.

Keep moving!

Like The Garden Grows

May 22, 2014

Too often I focus on the fallen leaves

Scattered on my weed covered bit of earth.

Signs of death and decay?

Perhaps, and yet . .  .

A rake,

A hoe,

A change of focus,

And new buds and blossoms appear .  . .

Or perhaps they lay in wait all along.

Beyond the shadows shines the blazing sun!

By Martha L Shaw – © 5-22-2014


Blessed By Regifting

May 22, 2014

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Stream of consciousness

May 21, 2014

Mary's Blog

That kinda means I haven’t planned this…so…

2014 has been difficult.  I guess I should probably expect this since I am aging…but more people I know and care about are passing away. And, maybe it’s just me but at a younger age.  I could get all political on ya, and start blaming the government for backing a poisoning giant like Monsanto but let’s not obscure the facts here.  I’m not even 51 yet (a few weeks…so, cut me some slack) and I’ve lost a friend who was younger than I am AND a friend’s husband just passed who was 50 (he’s the gentleman in my FB profile picture).

As I get older (yes, I admit it), I struggle with facing up to the fact that I was created for a purpose and I should be living into that purpose.  God created me, put me on this earth, shaped me, formed…

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