On Appreciation

I had one of those nights last night . . . fitful sleep, distracted by “thoughts” and unpleasant dreams.  So, when the clock slowly reached 5am, I got up, set the coffee on to brew, and sat down to check emails and read daily devotionals.  One message quickly caught me and distracted me from my aches and pains.  It was “Pray! It makes a difference” and having read it before coffee, I do not recall who said so, but I did as I was told and it DID change my focus.  Our Lord is amazing!  As I reflected on this, I randomly scanned emails and a comment on this post told me that I was blessed with an award NO STRINGS ATTACHED!


Thank you, Eric from The Hunt FOR Truth for this honor!  If

you have not discovered his blog yet, do pop over and check it out.  You will be blessed!

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