Grace and Destruction

There is a stirring within me.

Like a tornado,

There is destruction in its path.

Ah, but the wreckage

Cannot be seen

Nor is it likely to be missed.

How can this be?

The mistakes of yesterday,

And misleading voices of today

Are in its course!

The still small voice

In all its gentle strength?

It will live on

And waits for me

To turn my gaze,

To incline my ear,

And to listen not to the wind

But to the voice of love.

By Martha L Shaw © 8-26-2013


8 Responses to Grace and Destruction

  1. Beautiful my sister, simply beautiful! Hugs and blessings always!


  2. Beautifully written ❤


  3. Oh, to hear that still, small voice of God even among the chaos of our lives – such a blessing! Beautiful poem, Martha!


  4. rolerrol says:

    Your poem blessed me today! God bless you….



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