Are You Blessed? A Challenge!

I was just given the following task and I am sharing it with you.  Please take a moment to answer the challenge and if you like, share you response by linking this post to your blog and let us read it!

The task:

Look around you right now. Really look. Take a few deep breaths and notice the beauty in the ordinary.  Share what you discover!

My response:

It is a lovely October day here in SC. I have my home office windows open to the cool air and sounds of my childhood . . . kids coming home from school and having fun, dogs barking happily, birds singing, men at work renovating their homes with power tools . . . the sounds and scents of cut lumber and mowed lawns brings Dad, my childhood home, my playmates back to me . . . it is like music and perfume to me. Blessings known by all the senses.

How about you?  A colored leaf? A puppy’s kiss?  A broken cookie?  What?


6 Responses to Are You Blessed? A Challenge!

  1. “Blessings known by all the senses.” Martha, I love this! We are to be awake and aware in all which God presents to us on a daily basis, without us even asking. He gives it all and, patiently, waits for us to see with His eyes.
    Hope you will visit my blog sometime: Would love your thoughtful contributions!
    Blessings to you!


  2. I just came in from walking around our small farm, Restoration Farm, and as I walked “I am blessed!” kept going through my head. My wife, Kat, and I have been married 28 years, we have this farm and a ministry to pastors, Our dream as come true but yet it is still growing. I am truly blessed because of the relationship I have with my wife, my daughter and grand-kids but most of all with Jesus..Larry Clark


  3. Your response is lovely, Martha…I took today off, needed some quiet time and ended up meeting my husband for lunch. We ate at a new restaurant on SF bay and it was beautiful. As we face challenging times with our daughter’s illness, we are blessed to have her and our son in our lives, each other after 25 years of marriage and to live in a beautiful area…we continue to say our “thanks to God” for all of our blessings and we continue to pray for a miracle for our daughter…thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Lauren ♥


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