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Another Red Letter Day

Sunday, I preached a sermon on the Great Commission (which should be available on line soonish) and I took time to explain that the emphasis of this commission – this command – was not the GO but rather the MAKE DISCIPLES. I explained how the GO was more of an AS YOU GO – taking away all excuses for any of us who might like to opt out of GOing.

Having spent a bunch of years involved in leadership in Christian circles, I notice an interesting phenomenon in the church culture. Once we start GOing, it’s really hard to stop going, or change direction.

We get in our hearts this idea that it’s better to be going than to do nothing, so all motion is good motion.

If someone in the body has a vision for something – we tell them to run with it.

Not so much with Jesus.

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  1. Ben Nelson says:

    Thank you Martha!


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