Joy From The Dust

Memories set aside in stacked up empty boxes in the attic of my too quiet house.  I was certain I would leave them there assuming Mom’s too recent passing, she being the last of them . . . it would be less painful.  But, one or two small baubles might . . . perhaps a little something else . . . oddly enough, the house feels more a home now as the old boxes were filled not with things nor ghosts but of shared joy.  – from Martha L Shaw Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

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8 Responses to Joy From The Dust

  1. It is the stories that we attach to these things that bring such joy.


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    I enjoy Martha’s “Thoughts Over Morning Coffee.”


  3. Equipping The Saints says:

    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. My prayers will stay with you.


      • Equipping The Saints says:

        Departures from this life all seem to be too soon. We will never have enough time to prepare ourselves for the loss of someone that we love. The word, “loss” is very biting. We will see our saved loved ones in heaven, but the type of relationship that we have experienced in this life will never be duplicated. It will be better, beyond measure, but we still suffer a loss. I have known too many people that don’t seem to know that death is truly a loss. I have often said from the pulpit that if we lose somone, and do not feel a deep grief, “what is life worth!”So much for my sermon. Just please know that I will keep you in my prayers.


      • Thank you. Grief is not easy but it is part of healing . . . good sermon!


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