Locust and Wild Honey Diet!

An oddly dressed dude in the outskirts of town, a on peculiar diet, preaching an unexpected and surprising message . . .  THESE DAYS such an event would go viral on Twitter but back in Jesus day, would you think this would draw much attention?  No newspaper, cell phone, internet . . . but John the Baptist drew crowds by crying in the wilderness and while existing on bugs and wild honey . . . and think of the bee stings . . . and countless folks heard him speak of the one coming after him.  That being said, don’t you think solving your challenges and mine is easy for God if we let Him? . – From Thoughts Over Morning Coffee Martha L Shaw

morning coffee

One Response to Locust and Wild Honey Diet!

  1. Yevette says:

    Surrendering is often a challenge, but always necessary.


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