Refreshed – Haiku

April 29, 2015

Gently falling rain

Whispers of love to my soul

Springs living water

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-27-2015


Treasure Hunt

April 28, 2015

We search high and low,

seeing everything

and finding nothing.

Frowning becomes moaning

as we steal the joy from other hearts

and toss it away in disgust.

The challenge will never be met

lest we realize the Truth.

What we seek is already within us!

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-27-2015


Dancing In The Spirit

April 27, 2015

As I rest in your embrace

your immeasurable outpouring of love

makes my spirit dance and sing

as I bask in your glory.


there is nothing we can’t do.

I am yours.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-27-2015


No Turning Back

April 27, 2015

As I wandered along the path of good enough

I told myself it was okay.

Then, I met you and wondered . . .

and when I felt your love

I questioned all I ever knew

and realized

I was simply not made to settle for okay.

I was made for so much more!

Like quicksand

I’m being swallowed up.

Deeper and deeper I’m falling

and I’m not turning back . . .

no, there’s no WAY I’m turning back.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-27-2015


Sabbath Haiku

April 26, 2015

Ah, gleaming sunshine

Sunday smiling back at me

resurrection bright

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015


Forgiveness – A Haiku

April 25, 2015

The clouds break apart

dampened grass between my toes

Ah, new beginnings

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015


Haiku Education Note

April 24, 2015

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

The Survey Says question this week at The Haiku Foundation asks for feedback about our Education Page.  On their home page, clicking on HAIKU LESSONS transfers readers to this education work, which in turn links to haiku lessons and many other resources.

Also this week, Kala Ramesh, who has been teaching haiku in India for several years, helped us begin a new area: StoriesFrom The Field.  We saw Kala’s work as Youth Corner Editor for cattails, the online journal for the United Haiku and Tanka Society.  We thought teachers and others who visit THF Education Page would appreciate knowing about this resource as well.

The education work has grown steadily, as Jim Kacian notes in the survey question.  The excellent work of many poets and teachers is there, and organized well.  Dave Russo at THF is the web administrator.

Thank you, Ellen

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Royal Orchestra – Haiku

April 24, 2015

Ah, morning breezes

leaves sway to your melody

sunrays dance along

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015


He Loves Us THIS Much!

April 23, 2015

Lesson From Nature

April 23, 2015

When an eagle gazes skyward before taking flight, do you think he stops to consider the vastness of the sky before choosing to soar? From Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw

angel wings

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