About Joy – A Haiku

A chocolate bar

split in half and shared with you

tastes so much better

By Martha L Shaw – ©  5-21-2015

heart hands

My late mother, having suffered both with poor finances and poor health, lived with me for quite some time.  One of the most notable aspects of grief, for me, was times of joy while alone . . . no longer having her to share it with.

I thought of this as I did my morning devotionals about singing in joy to the Lord.  Praise and joy NEED to be travel partners which was made more difficult in an earthly way when I lost Mom and for a time lived alone.

How obvious yet awakening this connection is!  My joy is made complete in sharing!  How true this is and what better way to experience this than in praising the giver of all joy!  Praise Him with me!

One Response to About Joy – A Haiku

  1. Not having someone to share things with takes much of the joy out of the experience. I truly believe we were created to share with God and one another. Blessings, Martha!

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