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Another Red Letter Day

Encounters With JesusHi all,

I wanted to take a couple minutes and say thank you to all my blog friends who have been so supportive with my new endeavor as an author and to give you an update on my progress. I’m learning first hand that which I have heard over and over again. Once you publish a book, the work on your project has just begun. It probably more true (are there levels of truth?) for self published authors, because if anyone is going to promote your book, it’s going to be you.

As to progress–well–there is progress, slow but steady. Since I self-published this volume, if I want it on book store shelves, I have to go to private books stores, and negotiate with each store owner personally. I have managed to get into a couple brick and mortar stores here in northern New Jersey. I am working on putting together a…

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  1. Ben Nelson says:

    Thanks for your support Martha. You are a blessing – a sweet kiss from our Father.

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